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We are a climate technology company building data-driven, easy and accessible solutions for carbon neutrality.

We believe every business will benefit from investing in ESG and the emerging low carbon economy. Sustainability isn't a check box - it's a competitive advantage.

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Carbon Accounting

Our solutions and apps are designed to helps organisations, events and consumer products measure, reduce, offset and report on their carbon footprint in a meaningful and transparent way.

Our work follows the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, and we can help you achieve Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification, offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions with reputable carbon projects.

We believe small groups are engines of change and want to work with companies to build lasting sustainability practices into their operations and help communicate what it means to be carbon neutral to their audience.

Our ambition is to create a greener, fairer, inclusive future for all - we want everyone to be onboard and will work with businesses of any size to find a solution that works.


We track, measure and offset the carbon emissions from events following approaches specified in ISO 20121.
We can quantify the impacts of your products and scope LCAs to ISO 14040, informing future decisions about sustainable sourcing and materials.


Measure and reduce the carbon emissions from your services, from transportation to energy usage.

Empower Sustainability with Our Platforms

A mobile food sustainability database, empowering consumers to make more sustainable choices by quantifying and tracking the impacts of their everyday purchases.

Turning back the record on events-based emissions, is a carbon accounting platform for the live events and tourism industries to work with attendees to offset residual emissions.


To build easy and engaging tools and products that help businesses leverage sustainability data for transformational change.


To steer Spaceship Earth towards sustainability through technological transformation and innovation.

Ashby Field
We are building Cropship to be a purpose-driven, environmentally-conscious company to empower other companies and their customers to make more connected and impactful choice and harness the opportunities of the emergent net zero economy.

Florian Bölter

At Cropship, we are committed to empowering businesses worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint and work towards a more sustainable future. As a designer, I believe in the transformative power of technology and the human capacity for innovation.

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